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Welcome to Flame Noir Candle Co.

On the Scent of the Best Detectives of Film & Print!

As featured in Pursuit Magazine – The magazine of professional investigators.


Flame Noir Candle Co. is a specialty boutique business located in rural Virginia, offering homemade, hand-poured, soy wax candles & gifts in scents that are inspired by some of the greatest classic detectives of film & print.

At Flame Noir Candle Co., our goal is to create handmade, superior quality candles and gifts that are safe and are earth and animal friendly. With our unique line of bookish candles and gifts, we seek to enhance the mystery & detective literature, films, games, radio programs, magazines & other media that we love so much.

Light a candle, select your favorite detective novel, movie or program and
enjoy a full sensory experience aimed at stirring your imagination.


There are many advantages to selecting your candles and gifts with Flame Noir Candle Co. If you have ever struggled with finding the perfect present for your law enforcement, private detective, crime show obsessed, Film Noir buff, detective fiction writing, (or reading), friends or family – a unique gift from Flame Noir Candle Co., will make the perfect statement. It’s time to start giving gifts that get talked about!

We care about people, animals and the Earth. All of the products we offer are handmade using only the finest quality, cruelty-free ingredients. Our products are never tested on animals. Our candles are pure soy and do not contain additives or dyes. All of the products we offer are vegan, and are Phthalate free. Our lead-free, specialty wicks are cotton with a paper waive, dipped in beeswax. We never use wicks dipped in palm or paraffin waxes.

We create all of our own, old-fashioned, vintage-styled scent blends in-house. You won’t find our scent blends anywhere else. At Flame Noir Candle Co., we believe that chandlery is not just about the technical aspects of candle making, but also the artistry of creating perfectly blended scents that are unique and memorable. Scents not only create atmosphere, they affect our moods and spark our imaginations. To this end, we create all of our own, old-fashioned scent blends in-house, using only the finest premium fragrances with the goal of capturing the spirit of our favorite detectives, sleuths and crime solvers of film and print. Each new, vintage-styled scent blend is extensively tested before release to assure quality, scent harmony, achievement of concept and fragrance longevity.

DO NOT BE FOOLED by the new crop of competitors, who upon seeing our original business idea, have jumped on the bandwagon of selling detective themed candles. To simply open a bottle or two of fragrance oil, add it to the wax, and name it after a detective misses the point and will never come close to matching the time and effort that is spent on crafting our original Flame Noir creations.

We hope you know that Flame Noir is the first of our kind, and the only company on the web that offers ONLY detective themed candles. We are dedicated to perfecting detective and mystery themed scents that cannot be duplicated. We extensively research each detective along with the scent notes of colognes and perfumes that were popular during the era in which that detective was created. Using those two tools, (along with our lifelong passion for detective fiction and the vintage lifestyle), as our base, we create our original scent blends using our imaginations as stoked by the atmosphere of the books, films, TV programs and other media featuring each detective in order to offer our customers something that is personal, artistic and truly unique.

We hope you enjoy our efforts!

DID YOU KNOW? Flame Noir Candle Co. is a division of Vault of Wonders, LLC, a small company owned and operated by husband and wife team Jennifer & Scott Craig. Vault of Wonders is comprised of several smaller companies – including the Vault of Wonders Vintage & Collectible Game Shop, Cutter Mountain Productions, Whispering City RVA vintage shop, A Dolly Hobby vintage dolls & accessories, and Flame Noir Candle Co.. Flame Noir is primarily Jennifer’s labor of love.

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