Flame Noir Closing Feb 1, 2023

Greetings everyone,

I am writing today to inform you of some major decisions I have made regarding the future of Flame Noir Candle Co. It has been an honor offering detective fiction inspired scents that help fans enjoy their genre-related reading, viewing, gaming and listening experiences more deeply.

Since starting Flame Noir in 2015, I’ve gotten married, moved to a small farm by the Blue Ridge mountains, started 5 other small businesses, and formed an LLC with my husband. I’ve also taken on several clients and worked with them on the conceptualization of their own products – the implementation, manufacturing, and global distribution logistics there of. I’ve been busy.

With all of this going on, I determined that I need to prioritize my projects in order to restore some of the live/work balance that we all need to maintain in order to live a happy life. Flame Noir Candle Co. has been a successful business and a labor of love for me, which has made coming to this decision all the more difficult.

Flame Noir will be closing its doors to the public as of February 1, 2023.

That said – I’m not ceasing all operations. In fact, I’m going to use this time to focus on the further development of single scent that I’ve created during my years with Flame Noir. You all might know this scent as 221B Baker St. My plan is to further develop, rebrand, and relaunch that scent as a new product line all to itself, and here’s why:

221B Baker St. (room spray specifically), is unique and stands apart from every other scent blend I have created over the years. My husband and I collect antiques, old books and board games. We attend auctions and buy lots – often sight unseen. There have been countless times when we have purchased a big box of books or games only to realized that they came from the home or estate of a longtime smoker. Paper book pages, game boxes and booklets absorb these scents over time leaving the nasty, dank smell of stale cigarettes. They are not resalable or enjoyable in that condition.

Since I had been creating scents professionally since 2016 with FNCC, it was a no-brainer that we would test the various room sprays I’ve designed to see if any of them could solve this issue. And so we did. The results were pretty astounding.

221B Baker St. neutralizes the smell of old smoke. We spritzed the room spray onto tissues, let them dry, and then placed those sheets into smoky game boxes. The result? Within a day or two, the smoke smell disappeared. We’ve carefully spritzed the room spray over books as we leafed through the pages. The result? Smoke smell instantly gone. I’ve tried it on more than just books: fabrics, textiles, vintage hats, shoes, purses – so far, everything I’ve sprayed with 221B Baker St. has been cured of any nasty stale smoke smell. What I found particularly great with the books is that the 221B Baker St. scent blend doesn’t cover the pleasant smells of aging paper, it actually enhances it while removing the offending odors. It’s the only scent I’ve ever created that exhibits these types of qualities.

Obviously, this needs more investigation and I need to have the time to pursue that. My goal is to ultimately relaunch this product once it has been fully realized. It’s going to be the only scent-related product I plan on offering.

So there you have it! Flame Noir is shutting down, but my hope is that I will be able to offer a product that people can use to make their lives more enjoyable and their shops and online stores more profitable. I’m keeping Flame Noir open through February to give you time to gift this holiday season, and to stock up for yourselves in the new year.

Outside of that, I may accept large commissions of 20+ candles on a case-by-case basis, I’m not sure yet. Please DM me if you want to ask about options.

So to all you trigger men, snoopers, gumshoes and dangerous dames: I’ve had such a great time slinging wax for you over the past 8 years. Thank you for your business – I will catch you all on the flipside!