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8411 1/2 Sunset Strip Soy Candle // Inspired by Lew Archer


A wily blend of fresh Italian bergamot, frothy, old fashioned shaving soap and the aromatic spice of whole dried cloves.



*UPDATE – the 4 oz candle size is SOLD OUT – thank you!

Location: 8411 ½ Sunset Strip, Hollywood
Featured Detective: Private Investigator Lew Archer
Year: 1949

The Scent:

Step back in time with Flame Noir Candle Co’s original 8411 ½ Sunset Strip soy candle inspired by private detective Lew Archer. Our handmade lead-free scented candle features a wily blend of fresh Italian bergamot, frothy, old-fashioned shaving soap, & the aromatic spice of whole dried cloves.

The Scene:

Step inside 8411 ½ Sunset Strip, the office of private investigator Lew Archer, Hollywood, 1949. Watch as Lew Archer unlocks the door to the waiting room, flipping on the light as he passes through to his office door at the other side of the room.

Follow Archer inside and sit down on a simple, teakwood and fabric armchair positioned in front of a mid-sized wooden desk decorated only with a banker’s lamp, a black rotary telephone, and a loose stack of manila file folders. The room is neither large nor small but it affords a certain masculine charm – a few chairs line the wall just past the entrance.

On the right side of the room, an imitation-leather green davenport sits next to a potted bergamot tree and a rolling bar cart. The abstract art on the walls depicts cityscapes of Los Angeles framed in blonde bamboo.

Lew Archer pulls open the Venetian blinds and pushes up the windows to let in a blast of mid-morning California sunshine. The scent on the breeze is sweetly spiced with cloves and hints of rum from the bakery down the street. Flecks of dust dance in the streams of light like fireflies. Sitting in his swivel chair behind his desk, Lew Archer reaches for the file on his newest case as the telephone sputters to life.

Scent Notes:

Fresh, citrusy-sweet bergamot, hints of rum, frothy shaving soap and warm spicy cloves.

Scent Strength:


Scent Nose:

Citrusy-sweet top notes of Italian bergamot unfold against soft middle notes of creamy, lathering shaving soap and finish with the spice of warm cloves, giving this candle an understated masculine quality.

Featured Detective:

Private Investigator, Lew Archer. First appearing in print in “Find the Woman”, (featured in the June, 1946 issue of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine), novelist Ross MacDonald’s enduring character, Lew Archer, has appeared in 18 novels, 9 short stories along with a short lived TV show in 1975, and three full-length feature films. In a single, comprehensive narrative that begins with “The Moving Target”, in the late 1940s and carries on until his final case, “The Blue Hammer”, in the early 1970s, Lew Archer is, without question, the hard-boiled genre’s most prolific and accomplished detective.

Character Study:

Lew Archer disposes with the tough guy act, pulls away the romantic vale, and shows us a sea of lost souls; the grisly murders, the dysfunctional families and all the dark secrets that lurk in the shadows of mid-century Los Angeles and its surrounding suburbs. He works his way through each case, resolved to reach the truth, no matter how ugly it may be. Lew Archer is masculine in a way that defies stereotypes – incorruptible and determined, but also lonely and compassionate. He brings a gritty realism to the hard-boiled genre that had not previously existed.

Product Information:

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RECOMMENDATION: We hope our customers will enjoy their new candles as they were meant to be experienced – while companioned with the books, TV shows, films, games, radio programs and other official media in which this wonderful character is featured. We encourage you to discover the hidden secrets and engrossing mysteries of classic detective fiction. Give it a try and tell us what you think!

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