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Cahuenga 615 Soy Candle // Inspired by Philip Marlowe

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A mysterious blend of rich Colombian coffee, Cuban tobacco and the masculine scents of a noir-era barbershop



*UPDATE – the 4 oz candle size is SOLD OUT – thank you!

Location: Cahuenga 615, Los Angeles
Featured Detective: Private Investigator Philip Marlowe
Year: 1939

The Scent:

Step back in time with Flame Noir Candle Co.’s original Cahuenga 615 soy candle inspired by private investigator Philip Marlowe. Our handmade lead-free scented candle features a mysterious blend of rich, Colombian coffee, Cuban tobacco, & the masculine scents of a noir-era barbershop.

The Scene:

Step inside the offices of Cahuenga 615. You’re at the corner of Hollywood & Cahuenga Boulevards, Los Angeles, 1939. This is the hardboiled world of Philip Marlowe, private eye.

On the 6th floor you’ll find office 615. Head through the waiting room, passing a red velvet settee, two Cuban mahogany wingback chairs and a coffee table. Enter Marlowe’s office.

The floor is covered in wall-to-wall broadloom carpet in a deep, rust-red. A tan Kingsway trench coat and matching felt fedora hat hang on a walnut coat rack to the left of the door. Three tufted leather chairs are arranged before a walnut desk. The desk top is host to a blotter and matching pen set, an ashtray, tobacco and rolling papers, a black rotary telephone, and an open bottle of brandy.

The windows are pushed open, but the venetian blinds are down. The slats cast horizontal shadows across the dimly lit room in the late-afternoon sun. The smell of rich coffee hangs in the air from a drugstore across the street.

Sitting in his leather-backed swivel chair, Philip Marlowe opens his desk drawer and retrieves a .38 revolver with a 6-inch barrel. It’s clean and ready for action. He loads the gun, stashes it in his holster, and crosses the room. He’ll be needing his gun tonight as he follows a trail of set-ups, bad women, blackmail and murder. He dawns his coat and hat and steps out the door.

Scent Notes:

Colombian coffee, cocoa beans, Cuban tobacco, tobacco leaf, hair tonic, aftershave, amber, brandy, brown sugar, cloves, Oriental spice

Scent Strength:


Scent Nose:

Top notes of rich coffee and middles notes of lush tobacco finish on notes of exotic resins, spices and old-fashioned aftershave, making Flame Noir Candle Co.’s original Cahuenga 615 soy candle scent blend a hit with guys and dolls alike!

Featured Detective:

Private Investigator Philip Marlowe. Developing in a series of Black Mask magazine short stories written by Raymond Chandler between 1933-1939, Philip Marlowe’s first full length novel, “The Big Sleep”, (1939), had such a huge impact on the world of detective fiction that the influences can still be felt to this day.

Character Study:

Below the surface, hard-boiled private investigator Philip Marlowe is surprisingly contemplative. Full of wisecracks and an abiding cynicism, his direct, even simple disposition never reveals his deeply philosophical inner workings. Time and again, Marlowe allows himself to be underestimated to the peril of 1930s & 1940s Los Angeles crooks, triggermen, femme fatales and wrong-doers of every social class. On the job he smokes Camels, talks tough, and drinks whiskey. At home, he can be found playing chess and smoking a pipe. He loves a stiff drink of brandy, a steaming cup of coffee, and all the wrong women.

Product Information:

Check our FAQ page for detailed product information.

RECOMMENDATION: We hope our customers will enjoy their new candles as they were meant to be experienced – while companioned with the books, TV shows, films, games, radio programs and other official media in which this wonderful character is featured. We encourage you to discover the hidden secrets and engrossing mysteries of classic detective fiction. Give it a try and tell us what you think!

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5 reviews for Cahuenga 615 Soy Candle // Inspired by Philip Marlowe

  1. Rachel

    Totally smells like you’d expect Philip Marlowe’s world to smell like! So cool.

  2. Joe P

    Ok first off, let me say that I grew up listening to The Adventures of Philip Marlowe with Gerald Mohr and watching the movies with Bogie and Powell. In college I read the books and really got into the character. This is not only an amazing smelling candle – it embodies the character of Marlowe. It’s a mix of Cuban coffee (Marlowe is always making strong coffee), tobacco, (always filling a pipe), and a bit of “an old noir era barber shop”, (read Farewell, My Lovely). The smell is amazing. I would recommend it to anyone – even a non noir/ non Marlowe fan.

    The candle also has a nice scent – masculine, but not overpowering. If you are looking for a candle to freshen up a mystery lover’s man cave this is it. It is refreshing, yet not overpowering and you can’t get more manly than Philip Marlowe.

  3. Jeannie G

    LOVE this candle! It smells SO good! I don’t even have to drink my coffee, I can just sniff the candle to get a caffeine buzz. Besides smelling fantastic, shipping was incredible. Granted, I live close to the shop, but the candle was on my doorstep in less than 36 hours from the time I placed the order. I will definitely be shopping here again.

  4. Abby M.

    The shipping on this was super fast, and the Philip Marlowe candle is adorable. The scent is warm and musky with coffee undertones. The perfect gift for a film noir fan.

  5. Scott D.

    I’m a dude and I like stuff that smells good but not all extra fancy or like a damned craft store. When I light this candle in my manly office and walk in there and smell it, it wipes the near-permanent scowl from my face and replaces it with a friendly smirk. I don’t know that Philip Marlowe smelled like this or not, but heaven sure does! Smells real good, burns in a reasonable way, comes in a handy tin I can put shell casings or change or whatever in when my candle’s done. Five stars!

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