Flame Noir Candle Co is now officially closed and not accepting new orders. All existing open orders will ship out as normal. Thank you all so much for your support right up to the end! I'll rebrand and relaunch 221B Baker St. Room Spray on this same account once my R&D is complete. I wish you all the best! - Thanks, Jennifer

Flame Noir Room Sprays

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These fantastic sprays can be used in the air, to freshen fabrics, or to reduce unpleasant odors in the lavatory. Now available in both the full sized 8 fl. oz and the new travel-sized, 2 fl. oz. options!


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Our homemade scents are now available in 8 fl. oz and 2 fl. oz odor eliminating Flame Noir room sprays! These non-toxic, odor eliminating sprays are skin, air and linen safe, and can be used throughout your home as a room deodorizer, to freshen fabrics, or to reduce unpleasant odors in the lavatory.

Our full-sized, 8 oz sprays are perfect for use in your businesses, homes, or storefronts, while our new 2 oz travel sprays allow you to beautify on the fly. Get rid of that stale hotel smell while you travel. Keep your privacy intact at the office, at a party, or on a date. Keep one in your desk at work – put one in your car. Throw a travel sized spray in your backpack, briefcase or handbag and assure discretion, good vibes, and good smells wherever you go!

Available Scents:

  • 221B Baker St. – Detective: Sherlock Holmes – An elementary blend of aged leather and savory pipe tobacco, nuanced with hints of Oriental opium and oud wood
  • 52nd St. Speakeasy – Detective: Nick Charles – A top shelf blend of warm, fragrant tobacco, wittily intertwined with an ample dose of sweet and spicy bourbon whiskey
  • 8411 1/2 Sunset Strip – Detective: Lew Archer – A wily blend of fresh Italian bergamot, frothy, old fashioned shaving soap and the aromatic spice of whole dried cloves
  • Cahuenga 615 – Detective: Philip Marlowe – A mysterious blend of rich Colombian coffee, Cuban tobacco, and the masculine scents of a noir-era barbershop
  • City South – Detective: DI Jack Robinson – A straitlaced blend of tweed and freshly pressed linen, complimented by the warm aromas of masculine frankincense, rich leather, and crisp bergamot
  • Hercule’s Rose – Detective: Hercule Poirot – An honorary blend of pink Victorian roses, vetiver and jasmine, delightful bergamot, & a hint of grooming tonic
  • Hotel Normandie – Detective: Nora Charles – A sassy cocktail of intoxicating jasmine, upscale bergamot, and the amorous whimsy of whole vanilla bean
  • Hunter-Dulin Bldg – Detective: Sam Spade – A commanding blend of fresh tobacco, Indian sandalwood, aged leather and the smoldering intensity of wood smoke
  • The Plant Rooms – Detective: Nero Wolfe – An exceptional blend of lavish, exotic orchids & heady white florals, tempered by rich, earthy wood & warm potting soil
  • Queen Anne St. – Detective: Dr. John Watson – A faithful blend of proper British East Indian black tea, and the astute botanical aromas of deep, resin-rich heartwoods
  • Sam’s on 10th – Detective: Archie Goodwin – A snazzy blend of creamy milk, raisin bread, bananas & figs, sweetly partnered with honey, brown sugar & cinnamon.
  • St. Mary Mead – Detective: Miss Marple – A prudent blend of fragrant black tea, fresh cotton, whispering jasmine, and the soft, airy scents of an English garden
  • Wardlow House – Detective: Phryne Fisher – An intriguing blend of French lavender, elegant bergamot, playful vanilla, and the fiery spice of freshly ground cinnamon
  • Whitehaven Mansions – Detective: Hercule Poirot – A distinguished blend of Belgian chocolate, blooming poppies, and the aroma of old fashioned grooming tonic

Product Information:

Check our FAQ page for detailed product information.

RECOMMENDATION: We hope our customers will enjoy their new room spray as they were meant to be experienced – while companioned with the books, films, TV Shows, radio programs and other official media in which these wonderful characters are featured. We encourage you to discover the hidden secrets and engrossing mysteries of classic detective fiction. Give it a try and tell us what you think!

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221B Baker St., 52nd St. Speakeasy, 8411 1/2 Sunset Strip, Cahuenga 615, City South, Hercule's Rose, Hotel Normandie, Hunter-Dulin Bldg, Plant Rooms, Queen Anne St., Sam's on 10th, St. Mary Mead, Wardlow House, Whitehaven Mansions

6 reviews for Flame Noir Room Sprays

  1. Malinda Dilday

    I have the sprays of City South and Wardlow House (as well as candles for both scents) and absolutely LOVE them! The City South Spray (Det. Insp. Jack Robinson) has become my favorite. Although I could use the spray in my car, I think it would be awesome if a car vent deodorizer or rear view mirror hanger could be created with these scents (kinda like what Yankee Candle has done).

  2. Chris M

    Omg this is SPOT ON as far as scents!!! Love it and the throw is GREAT. PLEASE make oil or wax cubes!!! I am in love and my husband actually Likes it too! Fantastic / PURCHASED: Sam Spade 8 oz Candle / Sam Spade 8 oz Room Spray / Sherlock Holmes 4 oz Candle

  3. Chris T

    Married guys can probably sympathize with an overabundance of girly scents around the house. To balance things out, I bought Flame Noir’s “Dr. John Watson” linen spray. After all, being manly doesn’t mean smelling gross! But I must say, “Dr. John Watson” is not merely a “manly” scent – “gentlemanly” would be more accurate.

  4. Richard B.

    Great item, fast shipping. A+! PURCHASED: Sherlock Holmes Room Spray / 8 fl. oz

  5. Kylee N.

    5 out of 5 stars! PURCHASED: Hercule Poirot’s Christmas Room Spray / 8 fl. oz

  6. Seema M.

    I absolutely love this linen spray! Never in a million years did I imagine I would find products that celebrate some of my favorite characters. This spray (and the candles) create the perfect ambiance while watching Poirot, Sherlock or Phryne on TV. I’m transported into their world with these wonderful scents. The seller was kind enough to include some small gifts with my purchase- very thoughtful. I’m a huge fan and plan to reorder in the future. Nice to know there are other people in the world who appreciate these wonderful detective stories as much as I do! PURCHASED: Phryne Fisher Room Spray / 8 fl. oz / Hercule Poirot Candle + Room Spray Set / Sherlock Holmes Candle + Room Spray Set

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