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H Division // DI Edmund Reid // Handmade Bookish Soy Candle // Patchouli, Cedar, Citrus, Spices


A resolute blend of musky patchouli, Oriental spices, tangy citrus and the masculine aroma of cinnamon & cedar.



Location: H Division Police Station, Leman St., Whitechapel, London
Featured Detective: Detective Inspector Edmund Reid
Year: 1889

THE SCENT: Step back in time to “H Division” with Flame Noir Candle Co.’s original all natural, mystery-lover’s soy candle inspired by Ripper Street’s DI Edmund Reid. Our handmade lead-free scented candle features a resolute blend of musky patchouli, Oriental spices, tangy citrus and the masculine aroma of cinnamon & cedar – all highly popular scents in Victorian England!

THE SCENE: Step inside “H Division”, in the Whitechapel section of East London, 1889, and picture yourself in the world of Ripper Street Detective Inspector Edmund Reid. In the wake of Jack the Ripper’s unsolved murders on which DI Reid worked to no avail, we find that he has become ever more determined to bring some modicum of peace and comfort to the tormented souls and voiceless victims of Whitechapel. Crime has a foothold here, with criminals newly emboldened by H Division’s failure to bring the Ripper to justice. The gas-lit streets seem ever-more dark, the cobblestones, carriages and shadows almost pulse with a hidden violence and the exploitation of innocence for profit. On this day in 1889, we find DI Reid pouring intently over his case files. His signature derby hat hangs from a coat tree by the office door. Outwardly quiet, Reid’s internal gears are afire as he connects the dots and traces the motives in a way that is almost brutally singular. After collecting medical examiner Captain Homer Jackson, and with his trusty Sergeant Bennet Drake at his side, DI Reid will doggedly unravel the solution to the newest grisly murder to hit Whitechapel, assuring that the guilty will find justice at the end of a rope.

SCENT NOTES: Oriental spices, musk, patchouli, mandarin orange, lemon verbena, saffron, Victorian rose, carnation, cinnamon, cloves, cedar, vanilla.


NOSE: The top notes of our original scent blend are the musky patchouli, tangy citrus and Oriental spices, which are softened by middle notes of creamy vanilla and soothing cedar, before finishing on a bed of subtle rose and white carnation. The outcome is spicy, earthy and very masculine.

GIFT IDEAS: H Division is the perfect housewarming, special occasion, holiday or birthday gift under $10 (4 oz) or $20 (8 oz), for fans of the Ripper Street fanfic and the BBC TV series, mystery and crime show lovers, coworkers, husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, best friends, fans of Victorian style ephemera and scents, crime fiction writers, or really anyone attracted to spicy masculine scents with a mysterious vintage twist.

FEATURED DETECTIVE: Detective Inspector Edmund Reid was a real-life detective working for the Scotland Yard on the Jack the Ripper crimes in the Whitechapel neighborhood of London. Born in 1846, DI Reid was fictionalized in the outstanding BBC original series titled “Ripper Street” (2012-2016). In all 5 seasons, DI Edmund Reid was wonderfully portrayed by actor Matthew Macfadyen. A book is available, titled, “A Tale from Ripper Street – Inspector Edmund Reid’s Hunt for Jack the Ripper” (2015). DI Reid and Ripper Street have achieved a “cult” following. The very active Ripper Street fan base have produced countless fan fiction stories, comics and a huge variety of artwork.

CHARACTER STUDY: DI Edmund Reid is a man obsessed. Following his inability to bring Jack the Ripper to justice, (and in the wake of his young daughter’s disappearance and presumed death), Edmund Reid spends most of his waking hours at work in his office in H Division, Leman Street, where he attempts to find clues that will help him solve the murder and corruption that has Whitechapel in its deathly grip.

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RECOMMENDATIONS: We hope our customers will enjoy their new candles as they were meant to be experienced – while companioned with the books, TV shows, films, games, radio programs and other official media in which this wonderful character is featured. We encourage you to discover the hidden secrets and engrossing mysteries of classic detective fiction. Give it a try and tell us what you think!

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