Mitchell House Soy Candle + Room Spray Set // Inspired by Miss Pinkerton


Our Miss Pinkerton inspired candle + odor eliminating room spray set includes one all natural “Mitchell House” soy wax candle, and one “Mitchell House” room and linen spray for one great price!


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Location: Mitchell House, Burbank
Featured Detective: Nurse Detective Miss Pinkerton

Year: 1932

While supplies last! Flame Noir Candle Co.’s Mitchell House soy candle + room spray set is inspired by Miss Pinkerton. The set includes one Mitchell House soy wax candle, and one Mitchell House room spray for one great price! This set is available in large and small.

Available Sizes:

  • LARGE: The large set includes one 8oz soy candle + one 8 fl oz room spray – Great gift under $40!
  • SMALL: The small set includes one 4oz soy candle + one 2 fl oz room spray – Great gift under $20!

Mitchell House Scent:

Step back in time to Mitchell House, Flame Noir Candle Co.’s original, all natural, bookish soy candle inspired by nurse detective Hilda Adams, aka Miss Pinkerton. Our handmade lead-free scented candle and safe, nontoxic room spray gift set features an orderly blend of crisp linen, creamy vanilla and the fresh, floral bouquet of magnolia and lilac in bloom.

Scent Notes:

Mitchell House soy candle + room spray scent: Magnolia, lilac, fresh cotton, cashmere, amber, vanilla bean, ozone, milky almonds, green leaves, hints of rose and clove

Scent Strength:

Candle: Strong — Room Spray: Strong/Medium

Scent Nose:

Bright floral top notes give way to green leaves and creamy vanilla middle notes and a soft cashmere and cotton finish in this elegant, vintage-style scent.

Product Information:

Check our FAQ page for detailed product information.

RECOMMENDATION: We hope our customers will enjoy their new candles as they were meant to be experienced – while companioned with the books, films, newspaper or magazine stories and other official media in which this wonderful character is featured. We encourage you to discover the hidden secrets and engrossing mysteries of classic detective fiction. Give it a try and tell us what you think!

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