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Whitehaven Mansions Soy Candle // Inspired by Hercule Poirot

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A distinguished blend of Belgian chocolate, blooming poppies, and the aroma of old fashioned grooming tonic.



*UPDATE – the 4 oz candle size is SOLD OUT – thank you!

Location: Whitehaven Mansions, London
Featured Detective: Private Detective Hercule Poirot

Year: 1935

The Scent:

Step back in time with Flame Noir Candle Co.’s original Whitehaven Mansions soy candle inspired by private detective Hercule Poirot. Our handmade lead-free scented candle features a distinguished blend of Belgian chocolate, blooming poppies, and the aroma of old fashioned grooming tonic.

The Scene:

Step inside Whitehaven Mansions, London, 1935, and picture yourself in the world of private detective Hercule Poirot. Miss Lemon turns the corner with a piping hot cup of tea, sweetened with 3 sugars and served in Hercule’s favorite glass and silver tea cup.

Captain Hastings, seated on a tan leather couch in the sitting area of the room, looks up from his newspaper to utter, “I say”, in regards to something he has just seen on its pages. Hercule Poirot sits at his desk, a small grooming mirror placed in front of him. He carefully trims his moustache, his pince-nez pressed tightly in place.

When Chief Inspector Japp of the Scotland Yard arrives moments later, he reveals the autopsy results from a recent, high-society murder. Poirot removes his bib, carefully places his clippers into a silver enameled case and stands dramatically.

“Bon!” he declares, “It is as I expected, Mon’Ami!”

Scent Notes:

Belgian chocolate, mysterious opium, poppies, hair tonic, mustache wax, vintage red wine, warm amber musk with hints of cloves & myrrh.

Scent Strength:


Scent Nose:

The top note of this candle is dark, velvety chocolate. When combined with subtle floral middle notes and a grooming tonic and exotic resin finish, the outcome is both complex and luxurious.

Featured Detective:

Private Detective, Hercule Poirot. First appearing in the novel, “The Mysterious Affair at Styles”, (1920), written by novelist Agatha Christie in 1916 and published 4 years later, Hercule Poirot has appeared in 33 novels, a theatrical play, “Black Coffee”, (1930), and more than 50 short stories from 1920-1975.

Character Study:

Operating his investigative services out of his home at Whitehaven Mansions, Charterhouse Square, in the Smithfield neighborhood of London, England, circa 1935, former Chief of the Brussels police and refugee of the first World War, Belgian freelance detective Hercule Poirot is cunning, cleaver, and always punctual.

He solves his capers by not just examining the physical clues as they appear at the scene of the crime, but by deducing the psychological state of the criminal and the nature of the victim. He keeps his signature mustache perfectly waxed and his dark hair coifed and dyed. His dress and attire are always immaculate.

While investigating a crime, the enigmatic Poirot allows people to imagine him as an eccentric dandy, rather silly and old-fashioned. While some aspects of that may be true, Poirot shrewdly feeds the misconception throughout the case. Hercule gains access to insights he might never gain should people realize the need to be guarded around him. Masterfully manipulative, he disarms each suspect as needed to uncover the truth.

Very often, Poirot has pin-pointed the guilty party rather quickly by using his “little gray cells” to process the clues. That said, he never neglects the trail of physical proof that will help him secure a guilty verdict in court. His contempt for crime and for criminals is palpable. It’s as integral to his character as his need for recognition.

Once everything is in order, the ever-theatrical Poirot assembles his suspects in a room, pointing out each of their shortcomings and potential motives one by one until the final reveal. Once he announces the killer, he unrelentingly details the entire crime in a climax that is scathing, dramatic, and quite often, dangerous.

Product Information:

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RECOMMENDATION: We hope our customers will enjoy their new candles as they were meant to be experienced – while companioned with the books, TV shows, films, games, radio programs and other official media in which this wonderful character is featured. We encourage you to discover the hidden secrets and engrossing mysteries of classic detective fiction. Give it a try and tell us what you think!

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2 reviews for Whitehaven Mansions Soy Candle // Inspired by Hercule Poirot

  1. Christine P.

    The scent was a nice representation of what one imagines a cologne favored by Poirot would smell like. My Agatha Christie-fan friend will love it.

  2. Kathleen D.

    5 out of 5 stars!

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