Why is the inside of my candle tin turning pink or slightly discolored?

Although there are many suppliers of treated candle tins are on the market, Flame Noir Candle Co has decided not to use candle tins that have been “varnished” on the interior with what we feel is an unnecessary chemical wash. While it is true that varnishing prevents “tin pinking”, we haven’t found a supplier who offers an all-natural varnish that we are comfortable using with our all-natural candles. As a result of our choice to avoid the use of varnished tins, (and because we do not use additives or dyes to disguise or chemically eliminate any natural discoloration), you may notice a slight pink color on the interior of your candles in scent blends that contain vanilla or other spices. Not to worry! This “tin pinking” is simply a natural chemical reaction. It is not a product flaw, and will not affect the scent or the performance of your candle. Our scent blends use high-quality, all natural fragrance oils that are vegan, cruelty free, non-GMO and Phthalate free. Our wicks are lead free and dipped in beeswax, and our unvarnished candles do not contain additives or other unsafe ingredients like the ones you might find at the supermarket. Breathe confidently – breathe safely!